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VonDa Jean
11 June 2012 @ 09:39 pm
so i havent been on here in forever so i thought i would find an old survey and answer for today! this was done in 2004

Name: VonDa Jean Perry

Your birthdate: Sept. 23,1981

Age: that would make me 21/ now im 30 (ew)

Age you act: well I heard a rumor that you act the age that you first started smoking weed but, i think that it is bullshit, I act way younger than 16/ now-i act bout 23-24

Age you wish you were: I wish I was still like 17/ like 23 or 24

Location: right now Toluca, but I live in Wenona/ right now wilburn..but i live in varna

Fav Bands/artists: NIN, Sublime, TON, The Cure, Evanescence(I so spelled that wrong), Snoop Dog, Ludacris, 50 Cent/ not so much evenesance, snoop, ludacris, or 50 cent but add hank 3 and icp

Least favorite bands: uhm anything that sucks ass!/same lol

favorite color: Black, blue, or red/ black and pink

favorite cd: Probably NIN downward spiral or Sublime Sublime/right now pyschopathic rydas or icp

favorite food: Oh god, it depends what I am craving, but most the time chicken!/cheeseburgers or wings

current hair style: long and straight, no bangs/same

Piercings: 10 gage in the tounge/ just ears and septum

Tattoos: okies, a sun, 2 chinese symbols, and a cresent moon on my back, a grateful dead bear and a custom one on my left leg, and a star, a butterfly and a cross w/ my sisters intials on the right leg/ all those but add a moustache on my inside finger, a skull on the back of my neck, love never dies on the right side of my chest, moose antlers on my leg

drinking/drugs: all of the above, but I would rather do drugs then drink. I always get all pissy ass drunk, puke, and then not remember anything/ about that same

Addictions? Crack, just kidding, nothing that I know of./ facebook lol

Your gender: lemme check, oh yeah, female/ same lol

Straight/gay/bi: bi, the best of both worlds/not so much bi anymore but i still love titties!!

Single: I should be/nope im taken

Want to be: Like I said, I should be/sometimes!

Your height: 5'10/same

The color of your eyes: brown/same

Happy with it? yeah, I think brown eyes rock, that goes out to all you blue eyed bitches out there!!!!/same!

The color of your hair: reddish brown with brown roots, I want the original color back!/ reddish blonde but my brown roots are showing....oh and a whole lot of gray!

Happy with it: Yeah, I would rather it be blue, but I have to be an adult./same answer!

Left/right/ambidextrous: Right, but I'm ambidextrous, I got 2 pimp hands!!/same

Your living arrangement: Me in an apt in Wenona, that no one comes too :(/me and jason in a house in varna

Your family: sucks ass! Except my sissy Heather and my babies Nathaniel and Bryson/same well my dad is more badass!

Have any pets: I would kill them, but I have a moose named Maynard. I love mooses!!/still got my moose, now a kitty named george and a boxer named gomer

What's your job: I am a personal assistant to my mentally disabled step-sister and her daughter. I used to be a Telemarketer: Hi, my name is VonDa Perry and I am calling on behalf of Sears!!!!/pizza maker and cashier at caseys in varna

Do you speak another language: I count to 10 in french!/same

Have a favourite quote: oh god. So many!! Lets get this shit crackin, Never underestimate the power of stupid people in a large group./it is what it is

Do you have a webpage: no/still no

Talk to strangers: How else are you to make friends or meet freaks./oh course

Sleep with stuffed animals: Sometimes. Does Josh count as a stuffed animal?/maynard the moose

Take walks in the rain: That is so the best!!/not in a long time

Talk to people even though you hate them: Keep you enemies closer./not especially

Drive: a tricked out 1990 Chevy Lumina/a 96 buick rivera

Do you have any gay/lesbian friends: Too many to count!!/same

Who is your best friend: Prolly Jamie even though we never get to see each other anymore :(/justin

Who's the one person that knows most about you: my sissy/justin and jason

Your favorite inside joke: I was in the kitchen, and BOPP someone on my dick!!! There are so many!/still way too many

Thing you're picked on most about: my eating habits, my stupidity or my car!!/being a whore or the vortex joke

Who's your longest known friend: Trisha/justin

Newest: Jeremy/liz

Shyest: Jamie, but she is getting better!!/mandy

Funniest: Jeremymark

Sweetest: Jamie/mary

Weirdest: Jeremy/lol justin

Smartest: Jamie, damn girl you got like its between you and Jeremystill jamie

Friends you miss being close to the most: Carey Allen or Vanceboth them...but prolly easton

Last person you talked to online: JP/jeremy

Who do you talk to most online: Shadow/dont really talk to anyone online

Who are you on the phone with most: Jamie or Josh/calling justin....txtin heather or mandy

Who do you trust most: uhhh that is a big no no with me, no trust. But if I would have to pick someone it would be Josh/mandy...without a doubt

Who listens to your problems: Jamie or my sissy/justin and mandy

Who do you fight most with: Jeremy/jason

Who's the nicest: Jamie/mandy

Who's the most outgoing: Trisha/derek

Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend? Been there, doing that!!!/oh yea

Who's your second family: Trisha's family/justin

Do you always feel understood: hell no/again no lol

Do you trust others easily: nope/no

Name one person who's arms you feel safe in: Josh/jasons

Do your friends know you: yeah, some, somewhat/same

Friend that lives farthest away: Steven/jeremy

- - - - -
That haunted you: whoever haunts my dads house/in my dreams was allen

You wanted to kill: Oh god, so many./prolly the same

That you laughed at: Jeremy/justin

That laughed at you: Jeremy/justin

That turned you on: once agian Jeremy/jason

You went shopping with: my sissy/myself but lisa

That broke your heart: Allen/easton

To disappoint you: Jamie/heather

To ask you out: Josh/jason

To make you cry: uhm, I am not a big cryer!/jason

To brighten up your day: My nephew Bryson/uhhh ben

That you thought about: Vance/heather

You talked to on the phone: my sissy/justin

You saw: I am looking at my step-sister Minta right now, does that count!/justin

- - - - -
Are you going out: When I get offa work, it is home to take a shower and maybe over to Erics/im out at justins

Will it be with your significant other: obviously not, cause Eric is gay!! But I will see Josh tonight!/no it is not

What are you wearing right now: my hair in pigtail, a gray long-sleeved tommy shirt with a long sleeved black shirt over it, and a pair of Levi's. First time my ass has been in Levi's (they are Minta's)/a tye dye dress

Body-part you're touching right now: hold on, guess where!! Ha Ha/no body part...keyboard

What are you worried about right now: The fact that I am broke!/the same

What book are you reading: No books for VonDa/none now but last one was abraham lincoln vampire huner

Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: Okies, Happy, Tired, Anxious, and uhmm horny!?!?!/tired, full, stoned, happy, bored

Are you bored: Kinda/same

Are you tired: Kinda/same

Are you talking to anyone online: JP/nope

Are you talking to anyone on the phone: my dad is not rich and has dial up so obviously not/nope

Are you lonely or content: content, I am not usually lonely, I talk to myself!! Hey if you cant talk to yourself then who can you talk to, right!!/content

Are you listening to music: yep, Blink 182 on TV/justins watching true blood
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VonDa Jean
19 July 2008 @ 01:04 pm
HA Ha I'm sittin here at Robert Morris College cause Justin is takin his exams for medical assistant and he asked me to tagg along. There is this hot ass janitor that is all Peter Steele like. He is not as tall but have the long hair and the boxy face. With the stubble and all that! I just want to go grab him into a supply closet! That would be awesome! Okies, Im gonna go explore. I just thought I would mention that since I havent updated in a while!
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VonDa Jean
04 July 2008 @ 10:30 am
Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

Dont blow yourself up or half of yourself up like the candaian.

Stupid boys!
VonDa Jean
10 June 2008 @ 05:42 pm
So I finally get to go get my tattoo on my back, my moon redone. YAY. And I dont even have to pay for it. I love the canadain. So I think that I am gonna go talk to Jesse at Dream Illustrations cause that is who did my sun and he is really good at what he does. Plus they give you a little canister of Tattoo Goo so I get aftercare. Plus he is super hot and I will have to let him know that Easton(the canadain) is just a friend!!! I like Easton workin at a sweet money makin place! I get spoiled. Not that I am gonna turn into a spoiled brat (well anymore of one). But I notice we are kindin driftin away and it scares me. I think we got a little too close there for a min and people thought we were datin and it scared him. Come on people...you really think that I would be datin a guy that I dont fuck!! Shit its been about a month and I am goin nuts!!!!

Work is gettin crazy and me, Tamorra, and Kristy want to get another job. People are talkin shit and a bunch of craziness is goin on. They even think that someone took money! HELLO there are camera's everywhere. Look at the tapes dumbasses. There is way too much drama there....maybe cause there is all girls. I thought that once Renee was out of there that the drama would stop but damn. NOPE! Im just glad that I dont work the register so they cant blame any of that money bullshit on me.

For now...I am just wantin this month to end. I dont know why I think it is gonna get better cause this year has been like hell year. OMG so much shit has happened this year. 2008 is not goin good for VonDa. I want it to stop and get better. I was at my sisters earlier and her husband called and said that someone got shot in Henry. My first assumption, bad drug deal gone wrong, but who knows. Shits gettin crazy everywhere....
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VonDa Jean
27 May 2008 @ 07:29 am
So as you can tell by the title I have been doin nothing but workin pretty much. I have like 15 people a day sayin, "damn girl, do you live here". I swear they should just put a cot in the back room! It would save me gas money. Which I might say is FUCKIN CRAZY! I miss the old gas prices of .99 or 1.09. Crazy huh. When my mom had the car the I am drivin now it cost her like $15 to fill up the gas tank from empty....now it costs me like $35 from half a tank. Fuckin re-dic!! There has been much hangin up with Tamorra and the Canadian especially since they are on my way home from work. I dont even have to go out of my way which is super sweet. And I love havin a cuddle buddy. I swear normal people would think that me and the canadain are datin by the way we act! But I must venture out and see others. Speakin of, Jamie....if you read this what are you doin on wednesday. I really want to see your house!! Im gonna call you today. Other than that life is boring and complicated. I have a new crush but it is hard to deal with cause he lives so far away and isnt in a good place in his life now. I guess I just have to wait it out and see what happens. I am too anxious! I want what I want and I want it now dammit! Okies well seein that it is like early in the morning and I toally just got home...I should go to bed. I was gonna stay at the canadians but I am sick of gettin pushed out of bed. Its all good, til he falls asleep and gets all pushy! We need like a king sized bed. When Justin and Brian left for Bear Pride we crawled in their bed and it was fine. I was in that bed for most the time when Jusitn and Brian were gone. Me, canadian and Bert layed in there for like 6 hours on sunday. I cant believe I didnt fall asleep! I opened on Sunday and worked until like 4 in the afternoon. I thought for sure I would be out. Okies well I really better get to bed....I have to get up in the afternoon and clean this house...cause its not gonna clean itself..no matter how hard I beg it too. But, Im hopin it doesnt rain, my nephew has a ball game and I really want to see it. So goodnight and goodbye for now.
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VonDa Jean
07 May 2008 @ 10:50 pm
Things have been hectic. Workin a lot. Hangin with the lesbains. The usual.
Went to a wrestling show on Sunday. It was super kick ass. Saw the ex Josh's bro, Paul in La Salle. He lives there. He called me that night but I was busy so I didnt get to answer. Hangin with him has to happen. Maybe.

A big ass bon-fire has to happen. And everyone has to come. EVERYONE!!!!
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VonDa Jean
Hello all!!
This last weekend me, Justin, and Jamie went to Plainfield to Red Robin. It was super fun on the way there. We get there to realize that it is an actual sit down place, when we just thought it was a buger joint. It was super good though. Jamie and I took a pic with the statue of liberty too! Well one holdin a buger. It will have to happen again since I found out the wrestler lives like 20 mins from there too!! We then hung out with the Canadain. But I left and went to Lisa with Tamorra cause he was annoying me. He was better when I got back. We fell asleep on the couch together but then he pused me off so I took refuge on the other side!!

So today me and Heather go to Kroger in Chillicothe cause they are having this sale on Gatorade. Well other things than just the Gatorade but that was all I was interested in. I got 10 32 oz. bottles of Gatorade for $5!! Yay. Oh and I finally got my damn chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!! About damn thing....ew to cookies and cream!!!

So Im off to the shower.....and it is gonna be a good shower indeed!!!
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VonDa Jean
22 March 2008 @ 04:16 am
Week Recap....*the exciting stuff* (pathetic i know)

Tuesday.....worked..found out that one of Jacob's fav wrestlers was one of the wrestlers that we partied with last sunday. He was really mad!

Wednesday....worked at like 6 in the morning. It's weird to go in when it is dark. Giant drama-fest though..and Easter cookies..those were good. Then off to my great great aunt Lil's funeral. It was up in Rock Falls. It took mom 3 hours to notice that my hair was blue. But it was nice...but I cant go anywhere near dead bodies. Freaked out. It was weird.

Thursday...worked....hung out with the girls for a bit. Found out that my friend is just up and gone. Shes been gone for like 5 days. I dont know what is goin on. Hung out with the girls for a bit.

Friday...went shoppin with Heather. Got Brysons b-day presents. Had supper with her, Ross and the boys. The boys have been all about Aunt Jean lately. Its kinda nice. Family and stuff. Had a serious talk with Jeremy. It was nice. But I hate serious talks. Watched some Star Trek with Justin. Made him some mashed potatoes. Talked to the wrestler...and he actually called me! OMG...the world is gonna end...lol!

So that was it...and this is it. Saturday will consist of working and hanging out with Trisha. Sunday will consist of Easter dinner at my sisters and hanging out with Jeremy. We shall see what Monday shall bring.
VonDa Jean
17 March 2008 @ 11:04 pm
Happy St. Patricks Day all. It consisted of goin to court and seein like 15 million people that I knew. Its like a gathering when you go to court! But at least Matt had to go so I didnt have to drive. These gas prices are killing me!

Kera dyed my hair blue. Its not the blue I wanted. More of a dark blue. Looks black til you get it in light then it looks bluer. Better than the blondeish crap. We are gonna use a higher processer to see it we can get it like bright blue next time. I was gonna go out but then I fell asleep on the couch.

You know what, stalking is evil....You find out shit that you dont want to know. And you dont know for such if it is real or not. Sometimes I hate MySpace.

Im gonna do drown myself in a hot shower.
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VonDa Jean
11 March 2008 @ 06:42 pm
HEY....so this weekend was awesome. I worked on Friday and that wasnt nothing much to say. But Saturday me and Justin laid in bed for a while and talked then went shoppin. I got a cute shirt and some other random stuff! We got some awesome ice cream from Super Walmart and I even got some low fat ice cream for Brian called Slim-A-Bear!!!! And he is a bear!

Sunday, me, Tamorra, and Kimmi went to see JT's wrestling show. It was super awesome. JT was super cool and we got to hang out at the bar with all the wrestlers who were also all super cool! I even got autographed! So we are all hopin that they come down for Tamorra and Kimmi's Mardi Gras party which is totally not gonna be anywhere near the date of the real Mardi Gras but there will be balcony's, boobies, and maybe mud wrestling! And there maybe might be real wrestlers there so I hope fun is had.

Today wasn't a good day though. But I guess its over and done with. For the most part.
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